Top 5 Must Have's For Summer

Written by Sam


Posted on February 18 2022

Imagine Fashion provides every type of clothing you would need for both Summer and Winter but! How about we run through what we think are your must haves for your best Australian Summer wardrobe!


Number 1: Toyah Singlet

Our first pick is our one of our essentials! The Toyah Singlet is a perfect piece for any outfit. This singlet is made of a stunning satin look that not only allows it to be an amazing top to layer but is made of a material that allows for stretch around the back side of the garment. Being available in three sizes and fits anywhere between a size 8 and a size 18 making it such a versatile piece.


Number 2: Lucius Top

Following in a close second for our top 5 is the Lucius Top. I'm sure you have seen this top on our social medias before because it looks so stunning to wear in the Summer sun. The Lucius Top can be worn on or off the shoulder depending on the occasion and is complimented with a drawstring hemline that lets you choose how it fits your waist! Made from 50% cotton and 50% linen it makes easy work of these humid days by allowing free flowing air to call you off all day long!


Number 3: Briony Shorts

For those extremely hot Summer days that you just cant bring yourself to wearing pants and you don't want a skirt shorts are the only way to go! That's why coming in at our number 3 is the Briony Shorts. These are perfect to complete any Boho Summer outfit! These shorts are made of 100% linen so you can be sure that you'll stay nice a cool all day long. The stunning Italian linen is only complimented further with the statement piece rope style tie that fits the shorts exactly to your liking!


Number 4: Octavia Top

Looking for something a bit more dressy? Well coming in at our number 4 spot is the Octavia Top. Perfect for any occasion or even a work outfit, the Octavia Top features long ties coming down off the collar making this top look so stylish. This top is made from our incredible viscose fibres that is all natural! Sleeveless fashion will keep you totally cool all summer long!


Number 5: Charisse Dress

Think we were neglecting our stunning dresses? Think again our Charisse Dress is a stunning summer style dress that is one of our best sellers! This dress is styled beautifully with silk layers around the entire dress. Perfect if you love to have some stretch in your dresses that allow for people between the sizes of 10 and 16 to wear it! Coming in 14 different colours you can be sure to find a colour that best suits you!


Our top 5 picks of our Summer season! What do you think? It was very difficult for us to pick our best so if you disagree let us know what one was your favourite on our social media! We are on both Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!